Dripper 20L/H, 30L/H, 40L/H

Short Description:

Dripper 20L/H, 30L/H, 40L/H @1bar. For installation use punch 3mm. Can be placed directly onto PE pipe (Polypipe) 16mm to 32mm or at the end of 4/7 PVC soft hose 6mm. Ideal drip irrigation for trees, potted plants and flowers.

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1. Product Specification

Material PP
Pressure 0.5-3 bar
Flow rate 20L/H, 30L/H, 40L/H @1bar
Pipe PE pipe 16-32mm or PVC soft hose 6mm


2. Product Feature

(1) Minimum filtration 80mesh (200micron).

(2) High quality plastic body withstands UV radiation, chemicals

(3) Long-lasting performance and labor-saving maintenance

(4) Flow rate( L/H ): 4, 8, 20, 23, 30, 40

: After the drip irrigation system is installed, before close off the end, necessary to flush system out to prevent any debris inside of the tube.

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