End Plug AY-9359

Short Description:

Wide range of drip irrigation fittings. Easy and quick installation. End plug connector for 16mm drip tape. High quality plastic body withstands UV radiation.

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1. Product Parameter(Specification)of the end plug

End plug


PP  polypropylene



Connection type

Lock nut


2. Product Feature of the end plug

(1) Excellent resistance to mechanical pull.

(2) High quality plastic body withstands UV radiation and chemical.

(3) Prevents accidental disconnection by people or machinery.

(4) Designed to resist high pressure and wide temperature range.

(5) Easy grip on.

(6) Long-lasting performance and labor-saving maintenance. 

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  •  Application of the end plug

    End plug for drip tape.

    Package and Shipping

    Photo Description Size QTY/CTN Vol./CTN G.W/CTN
    PC KG
     Offtake for drip tape AY-9331A (2) Offtake for drip tape
    16*12 3000 0.11 31
     AY-9340 Lock barb coupling
    16*16 1500 0.072 16.5
     AY-9330 Lock coupling
    16*16 1000 0.072 19
     AY-9359 End plug
    16 2500 0.11 13
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