Flag Dripper

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Flag dripper have a unique style that includes a barbed outlet to extend a 3/5 PVC soft pipe to the plant area. They are available with a flow of 4L/H, 8L/H, 16L/H @1bar(the higher the pressure, the higher the flow). The flag dripper’s two-piece construction allows it to be taken apart for cleaning, by twisting the flag part counter clockwise and pulling it apart. The flag drippers are available in packs of 100. Ideal drip irrigation for trees, potted plants and flowers.

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1. Product Parameter(Specification)of the Flag dripper

Material PP
Pressure 0.5-3 bar
Flow rate 4L/H, 8L/H, 16L/H @1bar
Pipe PE pipe 16-32mm or PVC soft hose 6mm


2. Product Feature of the adjustable dripper 0-70 L/H

(1) Dismantable, removable cap for easy cleaning.

(2) Minimum filtration 80mesh (200micron).

(3) High quality plastic body withstands UV radiation, chemicals

(4) Long-lasting performance and labor-saving maintenance

(5) Avaiable in three colors so that it’s easy to identify flow rate. Color: black, blue and green

: After the drip irrigation system is installed, before close off the end, necessary to flush system out to prevent any debris inside of the tube.

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