20ft GP and 40ft HQ Container, How to Choose the Right Container for Irrigation Products

When shipping internationally by sea, and have enough goods to fill up a whole container, a FCL shipment will be your most indicated option. The most commonly used type of shipping containers are named “Dry Storage Containers”. They come in different dimensions, standardized by ISO, For irrigation products, usually use two main sizes: 20ft GP container and 40ft HQ container. Also known as general-purpose containers, they can store almost any kind of cargo from boxes, barrels, pallets, to vehicles and heavy equipment.

20ft GP container and 40ft HQ container not only differ in terms of size, but maximum loading weight, usage, and cost. Depending on what your shipping requirements are, you will also find various other types of containers, from refrigerated to specialty containers, available in different shapes and sizes.

That is why you must pay special attention to the type and size of container selected for your shipment, as it not only helps ensure the safety of your freight but can also impact your budget.

Understanding Standard 20ft GP container vs 40ft HQ container

Most irrigaton products, we usually choose 20GP and 40HQ containers. So, let’s first take a closer look at these two sizes of containers, how they are used, and how much cargo can fit in.

Standard 20ft GP & 40ft HQ Container Dimensions

20ft 40ft CONTAINER

40ft HQ containers are also called Forty-foot Equivalent Units (or FEUs for short) and 20ft GP containers Twenty-foot Equivalent Units (TEUs). While their dimensions or size greatly differ, they offer the same level of strength.

20 feet GP Container Dimensions

Length: 19’4″ / 5.89m.

Width: 7’9″ / 2.35m.

Height: 7’10” / 2.39m.

Tare weight: 4,894 lbs / 2,220 kg.

Payload capacity: 48,171 lbs / 21,850 kg.

Cubic capacity: 1,170 ft³ / 33.2 m³.

40 feet HQ Container Dimensions

Length: 39’6″ / 12.0m.

Width: 7’9″ / 2.35m.

Height: 2.69m.

Tare weight: 8,420 lbs / 3,820 kg.

Payload capacity: 63,230 lbs / 28,680 kg.

Cubic capacity: 2,700 ft³ / 76.4 m³.

20ft GP vs 40ft HQ Container? What About Other Options?

According to our experience, a 40ft HQ container is almost always a better option as it offers more space, but that is not the only benefit. Sometimes, a 40 feet GP container is more suitable for your cargo.

40 feet GP Container Dimensions

Length: 39’6″ / 12.03m.

Width: 7’9″ / 2.35m.

Height: 7’10” / 2.39m.

Tare weight: 8,245 lbs / 3,740 kg.

Payload capacity: 58,996 lbs / 26,760 kg.

Cubic capacity: 2,391 ft³ / 67.7 m³.

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Post time: 25-10-2021
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