3 problem of drip tape you may have

drip tape

Tape Movement: All the expanding and contracting causes tape movement and you may find the tape has move too far from the plants to provide adequate coverage. Also, since tape is thin walled and very lightweight, the wind can blow it away from the plants when the system is not operating.

Sun Damage: While most drip tape material has some UV protection, if left above ground something called “magnifying glass” or “lens effect” damage can occur if plastic mulch is placed directly over drip tape. This damage occurs from tiny droplets of water, that form on the tape under the plastic, that heat up and weaken or burn through the thin wall of the drip tape causing premature failure.

Insect/Rodent Damage: While insect and rodent damage is possible both above and below ground, it may be less prevalent if the tape is buried or covered. When temperatures increase critters are always looking for water sources and often they chew right through the drip tape to get at water.

Post time: 31-08-2019
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