Anyou micro spray tube advantage

The irrigation micro spray tube is a porous water spray tube produced by laser or mechanical drilling. The spray width of the micro-spray tube changes with the working pressure, and the relationship between the pressure and the spray width is shown in Photo.

spray tube

The micro spray tube of each group of 3 water outlets, 5 water outlets or more water outlets are directly laid on the ground, and the direct flow of water in the air can form a micro-sprinkling effect similar to drizzle. It is a relatively advanced irrigation technology. Its advantages are firstly to save water. Sprinkler irrigation basically does not produce deep leakage and surface runoff, and the irrigation is relatively uniform. Generally, it can save 30% to 50% of water. In the sandy soil area with strong water permeability and poor water retention capacity, water saving can be 70%-80%. Secondly, sprinkler irrigation can improve the conditions of corn growth and development, and once again, the fertilizer device is attached to the micro-spraying system, and the fertilizer is treated with irrigation. Spraying water together not only saves fertilizer, but also improves fertilizer efficiency and saves labor for labor, thereby saving labor costs and improving the effect of medication. Sprinkler irrigation has a small amount of water per plant, which is not easy to damage the structure of the soil, so that the corn roots grow with a good soil environment. Sprinkler irrigation can increase the humidity of the air and reduce the temperature. In addition, when the water temperature is lower than the temperature, the sprinkler can also warm the water in the air, thereby increasing the ground temperature. Conducive to the growth and development of corn. Main size: 28mm, 32mm, 50mm.

Precautions for the use of micro sprinkler tubes 1. Before laying the microspray tube, the pests (such as cockroaches) in the soil should be removed with drugs to prevent them from harming the crops and biting the micro spray tube. 2. When laying, the micro-spraying hole should be facing up and the tail should be blocked. Then use a water pump to squeeze the water. The water inlet is wrapped with gauze (filter) to prevent the hole from becoming clogged. In case of blockage, untie the tail and rinse it with water for one minute. Use hand and other tools to gently tap the wall. 3. In the first use, according to your pump pressure, micro spray tube working length, first open the switch, it is best to open a few switches to prevent the micro-spray blasting caused by excessive pressure. If the pressure is not enough, turn off a few switches. The next time you use the switch, you will know. If the piece is tested after the water is changed, turn on the switch first, then turn off all the switches that have been tested to prevent blasting caused by improper use. 4. When changing the sputum, first squeeze the micro-spray tube with water pump, wash it, roll it up, put it in a cool place, and prevent the mouse and other things from biting, so that it can be used again next time.

micro spray tube


Post time: 24-08-2019
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