Design, Selection and Arrangement of Sprinkler Irrigation System

Design, Selection and Arrangement of Sprinkler Irrigation System


Sprinkler for Irrigation and Its Design

The sprinkler is the most important part of the sprinkler irrigation system.  Water with pressure sprays into the air through it, scatters into small droplets and sprays evenly in the planting area.

Anyou irrigation believes that the selection and arrangement of sprinklers in the design of sprinkler irrigation system is a key factor affecting the quality of irrigation water in the whole irrigation system. When selecting sprinkler, besides considering its own performance, such as working pressure, flow rate, range radius, combined sprinkler irrigation intensity and adjustable sprinkler sector angle, Anyou Irrigation also takes into account of factors such as permissible sprinkler irrigation intensity of soil, size and shape of plot, lawn varieties, water source conditions and user requirements .

In addition, in the same irrigation group of the same project or one project, it is better to choose a sprinkler with similar type or performance, so as to facilitate the control of irrigation uniformity and the operation and management of the whole system.

The arrangement of sprinklers in sprinkler irrigation system includes the combination of sprinklers, the spacing of sprinklers along branch pipes and the spacing of branch pipes. The rationality of sprinkler arrangement is directly related to the quality of irrigation water in the whole system.

 Sprinkler Types and Selection in Sprinkler Irrigation System

Anyou Irrigation provides many kinds of sprinklers, which are divided into small range sprinklers of 0.6-6 meters, medium range sprinklers of 5-13 meters, medium range sprinklers of 9-18 meters and large range sprinklers of more than 20 meters.