How to fix drip tape?

Drip tape is blocked for a variety of reasons, only to find the cause to find a solution. Generally there are the following reasons:

1. There are large particles of solid impurities in the drip irrigation water source, which easily cause blockage of the drip tape;

2. Bacteria or algae appear in the drip irrigation system;

3. Precipitation of calcium salts in drip irrigation systems;

4. Undissolved granules of chemical fertilizers (pesticides) in the drip irrigation system;

5. If it is integrated with water and fertilizer, the fertilizer must be water-soluble fertilizer. The filter must be 120 mesh and should be cleaned frequently.

how to fix drip tape

1, You can try to increase the pressure to see if the blockage can be washed out, if not, cut off and repare with a coupling connector;

2. If the algae or the breeding bacteria in the tube, try to remove it with E. coli;

3, The PH value is too high will produce severe calcium salt precipitation, add appropriate amount of acidic solution can be diluted;

4, Fertilizer (pesticide) undissolved particles, this is only temporarily blocked, this need not be too worried, drip tape will be ok after a while.

how to fix drip tape

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