The harm of flood irrigation to fruit trees

1. The surface roots of fruit trees are easy to die

Most fruit trees have a large number of absorbing roots distributed on the top soil around 30 cm. The absorbing roots usually refer to small roots a few millimeters above the capillary roots. This root is the main nutrient absorption root of fruit trees, and this root is very sensitive to environmental changes. Changes in soil temperature, drought, and waterlogging are all very likely to cause death. However, if flood water is flooded, the permeability of the topsoil will decrease, and the temperature and water content will change suddenly. The surface roots will also die, and the death of the surface roots will lead to a period of nutrient deficiency in the fruit tree, which will continue until new roots are born. Therefore, after flood irrigation, the fruit trees often appear undesirable phenomena such as yellow leaves falling.


2. Destroy the soil

Flood irrigation will damage the soil, causing the soil to be eroded and compacted, and the air in the soil will be squeezed out, resulting in soil hypoxia. Microorganisms in the root system and soil will die due to insufficient oxygen, and the aggregate structure in the soil will be destroyed, resulting in compaction. And in spring, the specific heat of water is very large. After flood irrigation, it will hinder the rise of ground temperature, and if the soil temperature is too low. It will have a direct impact on the growth of the root system of fruit trees, which will lead to the delay of fruiting and flowering time of fruit trees and reduce planting benefits.

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3. It is easy to cause fruit trees to flourish

After flood irrigation, fruit trees will absorb a lot of water, resulting in enhanced vegetative growth and new shoots. If the new shoots are prosperous, it will cause excessive consumption of nutrients and photosynthetic substances in the tree. As a result, the nutrition of the fruit, root system and flower bud is greatly reduced, the fruit expansion is hindered, and the flower bud differentiation is poor. In summary, if the new shoots grow vigorously, the tree will accumulate nutrients, the branches will grow weakly, the resistance will decrease, and the permeability of the tree will be reduced, resulting in more invalid branches and leaves, which is easy to cause various diseases and pests.

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4. Nutrient water waste

According to professional data survey, if it is flood irrigation, then the water required for an acre of land reaches hundreds of tons. If it is water-saving irrigation, it can save about 75% of water. Therefore, if it is flood irrigation, there is a lot of wasted water resources. Moreover, the nutrients in the soil will be lost due to the flushing of the large water, and the fertilizer applied will also be diluted by the water, causing serious waste of nutrients.


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Post time: 06-05-2020
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