The path and strategy of promoting the digital transformation of agriculture

With the acceleration of a new round of technological revolution and industrial transformation, digital transformation has become an important trend in global agricultural development. From a practical point of view, the proportion of the digital economy in the added value of agriculture has steadily increased, and cutting-edge technologies such as artificial intelligence, blockchain, and intelligent perception have been more applied in the agricultural industry chain, which is of great significance to promoting the prosperity of the industry and helping the development of the rural economy. my country is a big agricultural country, and agriculture is a basic industry related to the national economy and people’s livelihood. Accelerating the digital transformation of agriculture is an important engine for the high-quality development of agriculture in the new era, and it is the only way for a big agricultural country to become an agricultural power.

The path and strategy of promoting the digital transformation of agriculture

Strengthen the support and guarantee of agricultural digital transformation

The digital transformation of agriculture is a complex systematic project and must be planned scientifically. One is to strengthen top-level design. Research and formulate a strategic plan for agricultural digital transformation, and strengthen strategic guidance, system design, and policy support for the development of agricultural digitalization. The second is to improve infrastructure. Coordinate and promote the digital upgrade of agricultural infrastructure, accelerate the digital construction of traditional infrastructure such as rural water conservancy, roads, electricity, cold chain logistics, and agricultural product processing, and ensure the mutual cooperation and efficient application of agricultural digital systems and equipment. The third is to integrate data resources. Actively promote the construction of agricultural big data centers, integrate relevant data, break the restrictions of regions, industries and departments, and eliminate the “digital divide”. Fourth, expand openness and cooperation. Strengthen the aggregation, integration, sharing and utilization of agricultural data resources, actively promote domestic and foreign cooperation in the field of agricultural digitalization, encourage agricultural enterprises to play a role in the formulation of relevant standards, and optimize agricultural production and operation for domestic and foreign markets.

Building a sharing platform for agricultural digital transformation

The data platform is a key element and an important carrier to promote digital development. Actively implement agricultural science and technology big data research and development projects, accelerate the deployment of agricultural big data collection, analysis and other related technologies, and build agricultural big data systems. Carry out pilot projects to support the digital transformation of agricultural technology enterprises, farmers, and small and medium-sized enterprises in the form of government procurement, and explore and improve the technical capabilities and governance systems that promote data sharing. Taking agricultural projects as the entry point, farmers as the object, agricultural parks and various business entities as the carrier, establish a system of agricultural information traceability, entry, registration, reporting, integration, and classification, and build an agricultural big data platform on this basis. Digitally integrate the agricultural production system and management system, and apply artificial intelligence, cloud computing, etc. to quickly acquire, process, and analyze agricultural information, provide agricultural production and operation managers with high-precision data in all dimensions, and realize the resourceization, capitalization and capitalization of data. change.

Consolidate the industrial foundation of agricultural digital transformation

Empower traditional agriculture through the digital economy and build industrial parks and industrial clusters. The first is to extend the digital agriculture chain. Taking the application of agricultural big data as the strategic guide, promote innovation in industrial organization and business models, support various market entities to develop agricultural e-commerce, extend the digital industrial chain, enhance the value chain, and build a supply chain. The second is to cultivate digital agricultural industry clusters. By cultivating and developing agricultural digital technology innovation alliances and industrial alliances, etc., we will guide and promote the deep integration of the Internet, big data, artificial intelligence and the real economy, drive the in-depth development of “Internet + agriculture” and the derived agricultural service industry, and release the amplification and development of the digital economy. Superposition and multiplication. The third is to build a digital agriculture brand. Use digital technology to develop ecological agriculture, facility agriculture, experience agriculture, customized agriculture and shared agriculture, etc., and cultivate and form a group of agricultural e-commerce brands that are famous, high-quality, and distinctive.

Create an innovative pattern of agricultural digital transformation

Create an innovative pattern of agricultural digital transformation

At present, my country has widely deployed digital agriculture, including a series of technological innovations such as intelligent agricultural equipment, intelligent production of facility agriculture, and green and intelligent agricultural product supply chain, which have been outstanding in many fields. In the future, we should accelerate the comprehensive integration and technology catalysis of digital technology in combination with regional characteristics, build a digital agricultural technology innovation center, support extensive cooperation between enterprises, universities, and research institutes, encourage small farmers to participate together, and promote the construction of a new generation of information technology and agricultural machinery, agricultural A pilot test base for deep integration of ecology, agricultural soil and fertilizer, etc., to explore new technology solutions for the integration of perception, transmission, analysis, decision-making and execution suitable for agricultural development in different regions. Make full use of the Internet, big data, cloud computing and other advanced technical means, and gather resources such as talents, funds, projects, etc. to innovative platforms and enterprises to improve the efficiency of technological innovation.

Strengthening talent support for agricultural digital transformation

To promote the digital transformation of agriculture, talents are an important support. The first is to improve the digital literacy training system for farmers. Integrate various resources such as government, enterprises, schools, social institutions, etc., for new agricultural business entities, returning migrant workers, left-behind women and other groups, strengthen training in e-commerce, webcasting, inclusive finance, etc., and cultivate knowledgeable and loving farmers. , New farmers who take root in the countryside and understand numbers and know how to operate. The second is to innovate technical services and training methods. Relying on grass-roots agricultural technology promotion and social service organizations to carry out customized services, strengthen the application of software tools in production operations, develop information skills training apps suitable for local farmers, explore online teaching, build night school platforms and other guidance methods. Encourage local scientific research institutes and Internet companies to carry out project practice at the grassroots level. The third is to cultivate and expand the team of agricultural digital talents. Support colleges and universities to set up digital agriculture-related majors and courses, support agricultural scientific research institutions, universities and enterprises to jointly build training centers, train and cultivate a group of technological leaders in the field of digital agriculture, skilled and applied talents urgently needed for the development of digital agriculture, and create more Level and multi-type talent team.

Create a good ecology for agricultural digital transformation

A good development environment is an important guarantee for the digital transformation of agriculture. It is necessary to strengthen the leading role of the government in the digital transformation of agriculture, realize collaborative management and services across levels, regions, systems, departments, and businesses, and create a new form of digital agriculture that is fully networked, highly informatized, and service-integrated. . Establish a mutual trust system for agricultural digital transformation, and create a comprehensive and credible operating system for identity, data, contracts, property rights, legal persons, and technology. Improve the rural information service system, focus on the needs of new business entities such as large planters, farmers’ professional cooperatives, and family farms, provide skills training, loan channels, market prices and other services, and promote digital results to benefit the majority of farmers. Build a dynamic and intelligent supervision system for the whole process, establish and improve market access rules for agricultural digital enterprises and digital platforms, strengthen the supervision of the whole process of data collection, storage, transaction, application, and destruction, improve risk prevention capabilities, and create a good development for the digital transformation of agriculture surroundings.


Post time: 17-02-2022
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