The rain gun sprinkler radius can be 30m?

In the field of sprinkler irrigation, the long-range rain gun spray distance generally refers to a spray radius of more than 30 meters, and if pressure is high, radius can reach more than 60 meters.

In the field of agricultural irrigation and industrial dust removal, the current high-range rain gun sprinkler are most common with 24 degree and 44 degree vertical rocker rain gun and turbo scroll rain gun.

rain gun sprinkler

Its unique fully automatic slow-rotating mechanism ensures a uniform height of the spray area, and the unique transmission design makes the rain gun equally splendid in windy weather.

rain gun sprinkler

The working pressure of the rain gun sprinkler is generally 3-8 bar, and the rotation angle of the spray gun can be adjusted freely from 0 to 360 degrees. No manual intervention is required during the operation, and the automatic smooth rotation spray and high elevation angle design make the highest point of the spray, height up to 28-30 meters. Fully meet the requirements of tree sprinkler irrigation and high stockyard dust removal.

The agricultural irrigation rain gun sprinkler can adjust the angle, the fan-shaped circular spray, the spray radius is generally 30-60 meters, and it can spray farther in the case of pressure, working environment, etc., the diameter is 60-120 meters. . Suitable for a wide range of agriculture, forestry, pastures, factories, construction sites, coal yards, etc.

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