The water-saving irrigation project of the Kunming High-tech Zone High-efficient Water-saving Agricultural Science and Technology Demonstration Park is officially open to water!

In order to strengthen the work of water conservancy reform in high-tech zones, improve the agricultural ecological environment in high-tech zones, increase irrigation water and crop output, output value, promote the development of agricultural industrialization, and drive farmers to increase income and become rich, the Kunming High-tech Zone Government has launched an efficient water-saving agricultural technology demonstration park Irrigation works.

After 6 months of construction and reconstruction, the project has completed trial water flow. After research by the Party Working Committee and Management Committee of the High-tech Zone, it will be in the morning of October 29, 2019 in Baiyun, Majinpu Street Office, Kunming High-tech Zone (East District) A water saving ceremony for water-saving irrigation projects was held by the roadside of No. E1 in Shanshang Industrial Park in the community town.

water-saving irrigation project

Relevant leaders of the Agriculture and Rural Affairs Department and the Water Conservancy Department of Yunnan Province; relevant leaders of the Agriculture and Rural Affairs Bureau and the Water Affairs Bureau of Kunming; leaders of the Party Working Committee and Management Committee of the High-tech Zone; Party Working Committee, Management Committee Office, Project Supervision Office, Development Strategy Research Institute, Federation of Trade Unions, Youth League Committee, Supervision and Audit Bureau, Economic Development Bureau, Investment Promotion Bureau, Investment Promotion Bureau, Incubator Management Center, Finance Office, Finance Branch, Housing Construction Bureau, Environmental Protection Bureau, Safety Supervision Bureau, Social Undertakings Relevant personnel of the Bureau, Human Resources and Social Affairs Bureau, Culture, Education, Sports, Tourism Bureau, Legal Affairs Bureau, Agriculture, Forestry and Water Affairs Bureau, Industrial and Commercial Branch, Food and Drug Administration, Comprehensive Law Enforcement Brigade, State-owned Assets Corporation, Majinpu Street Office; Representatives of farmers A total of 150 people from Guangdong Maoming Jianjiang River Basin Water Conservancy and Hydropower Construction Survey Engineering Co., Ltd., Shenzhen Xinlang Construction Engineering Co., Ltd. and Kunming Water Conservancy and Hydropower Survey Design and Research Institute attended the water passing ceremony.

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At the opening ceremony, Chen Yong, secretary of the Party Working Committee of the Kunming High-tech Zone, stated that Ma Jinpu Street should make use of water conservancy facilities, make overall plans, highlight features, vigorously develop modern agriculture, tourism agriculture, and experience agriculture, and continuously improve the overall benefits of agriculture. To highlight the advantages of high-tech zones, we must not only have high-tech industries, but also high-tech agriculture. We must promote the organic combination of agriculture and industry, organically integrate traditional industries with modern science and technology, and cultivate agricultural industries with scientific and technological content and high-tech characteristics. And products to create new highlights of the park industry.

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The water-saving irrigation project of the Kunming High-tech Zone’s high-efficiency water-saving agricultural science and technology demonstration park has overcome many difficulties such as difficulty in exploring land transfer, adjustment of planting structure, high complexity of the geological environment, and difficulty in constructing efficient water-saving technologies. It was fully completed in August 2019. . The investment for the construction of the irrigation and water-saving project in the demonstration park is 29.799 million yuan, and the water resources of the Shaoshan Reservoir and Baiyun Reservoir will be used to provide water for agricultural production and living .

The water-saving irrigation project is composed of four major projects: pumping pump station, reservoir, water distribution main, trunk, tributary, and field irrigation. Two new pumping stations and two regulating tanks are constructed; 7,992 meters of water distribution mains, and water distribution mains 9152 meters, 33,648 meters of water distribution pipes; 2 sets of farmland irrigation automation control systems, 16 intelligent monitoring of the pipe network, 161 user terminal measurement facilities, 1 integrated management system, and a total irrigation area of 7,102 mu.

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Kunming High-tech Zone’s high-efficiency water-saving agricultural science and technology demonstration park water-saving irrigation farmland water conservancy project reform work is the high-tech zone government’s active implementation of the concept of “green water, green mountains are golden mountains and silver mountains” in the agricultural production and life, and effectively improve the high-tech zone agricultural ecological environment , Increase irrigation water and crop output, output value, promote the development of agricultural industrialization, drive farmers to increase income to become rich, green fields, and beautiful villages!

 In the next step, the Majinpu District will become the focus of the development and construction of Kunming High-tech Zone, the main battlefield for investment promotion, and the main position of industrial development. Kunming High-tech Zone will increase its efforts to promote the construction of industrial projects and build a high-tech industry gathering area; Increase the intensity of infrastructure construction, coordinate urban and rural coordinated development, and build a livable and industrial-friendly new urban area and a production-urban integration demonstration zone that are environment-friendly, complete in facilities, and thriving in industry.

Post time: 22-12-2019
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