Agricultural Plastic Mulch Film

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PE Black plastic mulch film produce in 100% virgin LDPE material with UV treated. Mulch film produced in different color, black, white, black silver etc. Thickness 10micron, 150micron, 200micron, 250micron etc. Length 50m, 100m, 150m, 200m, 400m, 435m, 1000m etc.

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Mulch films are a revolution in the agriculture industry as it presents an economical and environment friendly protective solution for crops and soil. It not only maintains the quality of soil but also aids in the faster growth of plants. By reflecting light, it ensures control on growth of weeds as photosynthesis process will not be carried out. The plastic used in the film offers great advantages by locking in moisture that further results in less water evaporation and loose and well aerated soil, reducing the need of compaction. These are available in different thicknesses, colors and finishes in order to fulfill the diverse requirements of clients.

Agricultural Plastic Mulch Film

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