Metal Impact Sprinkler AY-5300

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Metal impact sprinkler with 1″ female thread connection and brass core. Aluminum body and brass core withstands chemicals, and accidental impact. For field crops, vegetable and lawn by over head irrigation.

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Metal Impact Sprinkler

1. Product Parameter(Specification)of the metal impact sprinkler AY-5300

Size 1″ female thread
Material Aluminum body + Brass core
Nozzle size 7.5*3.1 mm
Pressure 2-5 bar
Radius 22-28 m
Flow rate 2-5 m³/h

Metal Impact Sprinkler from China
2. Product Feature of the metal impact sprinkler AY-5300

(1) Well balanced for water distribution with maximum water-use efficiency

(2) Diffuser arm improves water distribution pattern and uniformity

(4) Aluminum body + Brass core withstands chemicals and accidental impact

(5) Spring is made of stainless steel

(6) Rotation speed adjustable with the spring part on the top

(7) Long-lasting performance and labor-saving maintenance

(8) Reduced sensitivity to clogging and higher resistance to wind


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  • 1.Application of the metal impact sprinkler AY-5300

    Over head sprinkler irrigation for field crops, vegetable and lawn.


    Photo Description Size QTY/CTN Vol./CTN G.W/CTN
    PC KG
     AY-5300 Metal impact sprinkler
    1” female thread 35  0.037 17
    zy-2 impact sprinkler Metal impact sprinkler
    1” female thread 30  0.037 17.2
     5101 Plastic impact sprinkler
    1” female thread 50 0.08 18.5
     5105 Plastic impact sprinkler
    1” female thread 50 0.08 16
     5104 Plastic impact sprinkler
    1” female thread 50 0.08 15
     5104 2 Plastic impact sprinkler
    1” female thread 50 0.08 15.5
     AY-5103 Plastic impact sprinkler
    1” female thread 50 0.08 14.5
     AY-9590 Rapid water valve
    1” male thread 34 0.053 7.5
     413 Fittings for 1” sprinkler        

    (1) What’s the main material of metal impact sprinkler AY-5300?

    A: Aluminum body + Brass core

    (2) What’s the spring material of metal impact sprinkler AY-5300?

    A: Stainless steel ( SS )

    (3) Metal impact sprinkler AY-5300, part circle ( angle adjustable) or full circle?

    A: 360 degree full circle

    (4) Is the metal impact sprinkler AY-5300 resistant to chemicals?

    A: Yes. Aluminum body withstands chemicals and accidental impact


    (5) Are you sprinkler factory or trading?

    A: We are factory. Welcome to our company Baoding Anyou Industry Co.,Ltd in Baoding China.

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