How to adjust an impact sprinkler?

How to adjust an impact sprinkler

Impact sprinkler heads sit on a rotating bearing, which allows them to rotate as water flows through them for full 360 degree coverage. If you want to adjust your impact sprinkler system to change the pressure, spray pattern, flow rate or radius of the water, there are several ways you can go about it. The simplest solution is to control the flow of water at its source. You can also adjust the different parts of the head, like the diffuser pin, movement collars, and deflector shield, to get the right strength and trajectory.

1. Adjust the flow of water at the source.  The simplest way to change the amount of water coming out of your impact sprinkler is to tighten (clockwise) or loosen (counterclockwise) the hose faucet where it’s hooked up. Opening the faucet to increase the water flow will increase the power and coverage of the stream, while decreasing the flow will confine the sprinkler coverage to a smaller area. Use a lower water flow when you want to avoid damaging delicate plants, like flowers and leafy shrubs, with a forceful blast.

2. Screw the diffuser pin

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The diffuser pin is a large screw anchored to the base of the sprinkler head. If you want to decrease the distance that your sprinkler covers, screw the pin in a clockwise direction until it sits over the water nozzle. For a more concentrated stream that will go further, unscrew the pin all the way or remove it entirely.

When inserted, the diffuser pin breaks up the stream, causing it to fan out in a delicate spray or mist. The further the pin projects over the opening, the shorter and wider the spray will be.

3. Lengthen or shorten the deflector shield.

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Screw the part on the top of the sprinkler. When the stream hits the lengthen deflector shield, it will be redirected into a lower arc perfect for watering nearby plants and patches of grass. If you’re trying to water from one end of your lawn or farm to the other, keep the deflector shield short. This will allow the stream to travel in a higher arc and cover longer distances.

4. Use the friction collars to change the spray pattern ( 0°to full 360°).

Twist the plastic clamps that wind around the base of the sprinkler head into different positions to determine the movement of the sprinkler head. The closer together the collars are, the narrower the watering range ( The angle will be smaller ). As the sprinkler turns, the wiry metal piece at the base of the head, known as the trip pin, will run up against the collar clamps, causing the sprinkler to reverse direction.

5. Flip up the trip pin for full 360 degree coverage.


If you want the sprinkler to rotate all the way around (360 degree), simply lift the trip pin until it rests up against the sprinkler head. Getting the trip pin out of the way can be helpful if your sprinkler system is located in the center of the area you’re watering.

Post time: 27-03-2019
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