Pop Up Sprinkler 3/4 Inch

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Automatic agricultural plastic pop up watering irrigation sprinkler with 3/4 inch female thread connection. This pop up sprinkler is suitable for irrigation of green belt, flower bed, lawn, etc. Usually the nozzle is hidden in the grass. After opening, the center lifting column rises under the action of water pressure, the top nozzle is sprayed in a plane, and the water spray is evenly distributed. There are no dead ends in the spray range.

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1. Product Specification of the Pop Up Sprinkler 3/4 inch

Size 3/4″ female thread
Body height 19 cm
Pop up height 10 cm
Material plastic
Pressure 2-4.5 bar
Radius 8-13 m
Flow rate 0.1-3.2 m³/h
CTN size 67*38*38cm
Vol./CTN 0.097
Weight 20 kg

2. Product Feature of the Pop Up Sprinkler 3/4 inch

(1) The plastic parts are made of high-strength anti-aging engineering plastics such as ABS and POM, and the lifting springs are made of stainless steel springs

(2) A filter net is installed inside the lifting column to prevent the nozzle from being clogged, and the nozzle and the filter net are convenient to be replaced

(3) The dirt on the lifting column can be quickly and automatically cleaned, which can adapt to the harsh field conditions and ensure the reliable operation of the nozzle

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