Nuestro equipo

Baoding Anyou Industria, Anyou riego, cinta de goteo, aspersión arma lluvia

anyou industry

Profesional de Ventas Equipo:
Offering professional idea and advice to clients, provide technical data of irrigation system, clear irrigation system application video and installation video. To find out the suitable sprinkler or drip irrigation product for your crop or your business.
Technical Team Surport:
Every irrigation system technical requirement, no matter it is big or small, our technical team will analyze the requirement and make a detailed feedback to clients.
Quality Control Team:
AnYou® products will be checked by our quality control team with quality control manuel, to make sure all the irrigation products would not have problem.
After Sales Team:
This team will handle after sales service for you, they will quickly provide detailed solution with text, picture or video for the question or problem you have been facing.