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irrigation system manufacturer and supplier in China

Baoding Anyou Industry Co.,Ltd. is the professional irrigation system manufacture and supplier in China. We are member of the Chinese Association of Irrigation Enterprises. As an ISO9001:2015, ISO14001:2015, ISO45001:2018 certified company and with a extensive sales network in China and worldwide, supplying to over 30 countries in the irrigation industry.

Kita produk kalebu Rain Gun, Sprinkler, Netes Tape, Dripper, Micro Spray Hose lan Fittings sing Paduka tambah produktivitas saben unit saka sumber. Anyou wis ngrambah mujudaken kabutuhan industri ngilekake banyu kanthi Pundhak-kanggo-Pundhak apa karo klien.

AnYou® expects to increase domestic market share by 40%. And we are looking forward to cooperating with more and more foreign customers.

Simpen sumber banyu kita paling larang regane.

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Professional Team Sales:
Aturan idea profesional lan saran kanggo klien, nyedhiyani data technical saka sistem ngilekake banyu, sistem irigasi cetha aplikasi video lan video instalasi. Kanggo mangerteni sprinkler cocok utawa produk netes ngilekake banyu kanggo potong utawa bisnis.
Technical Team Surport:
Every irrigation system technical requirement, no matter it is big or small, our technical team will analyze the requirement and make a detailed feedback to clients.
Quality Control Team:
AnYou® products will be checked by our quality control team with quality control manuel, to make sure all the irrigation products would not have problem.
After Sales Team:
This team will handle after sales service for you, they will quickly provide detailed solution with text, picture or video for the question or problem you have been facing.